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Our Programs

 At Little Big Learners, we offer 3- 4 hr weekly programs for preschoolers, school holiday workshops, 1:1 tutoring and online sessions for preschool and primary aged kids. 





We believe in hands-on learning and strongly focus on each child's emotional and mental health. Our team believes that being school ready goes far beyond one's numeracy and literacy skills and that's why our programs are designed to nurture children in all aspects of early childhood development.



During these sessions, children get ample opportunities to explore, build and create with an emphasis on using sensory, gross and fine motor skills.  Our educators utilise the combination of Thrass and Smart Spellings Approach to help children with their literacy skills.


The crafts and activities in each session follow the theme of the day. They are designed to not only encourage learning but also creativity through all areas of early childhood development.  

Our Focus

What To Expect

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