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Enchanting Winter Solstice Celebration 

Join us at our cozy venue in Airport West for a magical Winter Solstice celebration on the 21st of June from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. Located at 30 Webb Road, Airport West, this enchanting evening is designed for families with children aged 1 year and above, accompanied by their parents.

Highlights of the Evening:
🔥 Warmth of the Fire: Gather around a cozy indoor fire as we share stories, songs, and the company of fellow families, creating a circle of warmth and connection.
🍫 Hot Chocolate Delight: Savor the rich, creamy taste of hot chocolate, warming your hands and hearts, and adding a sweet touch to the evening's enchantment.
🛠️ Lantern Making: Let your creativity shine as we craft beautiful lanterns to light up the night. This hands-on activity is a perfect way to bond with your children and create a keepsake to remember this magical evening.
🌟 Cherished Memories: As we celebrate the Winter Solstice, we'll make memories to last a lifetime. Capture the smiles, laughter, and joy of being together, celebrating the turning of the seasons.
Limited Spots Available! Ensure your family's place in this enchanting celebration by reserving your spot today. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect and create beautiful memories together.

Come, be a part of the Nature Crew's Winter Solstice Celebration at 30 Webb Road, Airport West, where the shortest day of the year will be filled with the brightest memories. We look forward to sharing this special evening with you and your loved ones. 🌟
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