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NAture Play week

Nature Play Week is from the 8th of April to the 18th of April, and everyone at Nature Crew is bursting with excitement to be part of this initiative!


Nature Play Week is an annual event dedicated to encouraging children, families, and educators to get involved with nature. During this time schools, playgroups, and other educational organisations host nature-themed  activities such as bushwalks, scavenger hunts and gardening, just to name a few of the many experiences that are possible during Nature Play Week.

Outdoor education is highly beneficial in refining your little one's physical health, cognitive, emotional and social development and can foster healthier habits which lead to better health outcomes later in life!




How can I celebrate Nature Play Week?

  • Fort building using trees, logs and tarps/blankets

  • Shadow drawing using figurines

  • Bug scavenger hunt

  • Leaf rubbing artwork (placing leaves under paper, underside up, and rubbing a crayon on the paper to see the veins and patterns of the leaf!)

  • Painting using different leaves

  • Find natural materials to make musical instruments

  • Nature walk in different settings: bush, beach, rivers, rocky cliffs etc

  • Worm charming: how many worms can you charm out of the group without digging?

  • Ochre hunting and painting

Use this as an opportunity to let your imagination run wild and connect your child with nature!

Kids in Nature Network:

Nature Play Week was established in 2014 through a collaborative effort among individuals and organizations affiliated with the Kids in Nature Network. This network is dedicated to empowering, connecting, and fostering a movement of individuals and organizations committed to reconnecting children with the outdoors.

Comprising leaders from various fields including health, education, environment, urban planning, outdoor recreation, community development, government, business, and the arts, the Kids in Nature Network is a diverse community united by a common goal: to encourage children to spend more time outside, engaging with nature.

Nature Crew's Nature Play Week schedule:
If you would like to join any of the following days, please get in touch with us!


8th of April: Brimbank Park Bush playgroup, bush kinder and Forest School, Keilor Park
11th of April: Woodland’s Historic Park playgroup and bush kinder, Greenvale
13th of April: Werribee Mansion playgroup and bush kinder, Werribee
14th of April: Port Melbourne playgroup and bush kinder, Brighton

Nature Crew

Nature Crew prides itself on the unique holistic, play-based learning that being out in nature affords us. Our goal at Nature Crew is to connect families and children to the natural world, to expose children to the world beyond the screens, and to provide space for children to learn and develop holistically. Lastly, and certainly not least, we aim for all children to have fun and make beautiful memories out in nature that will develop into love and respect for the natural world.
Luckily, every week is Nature Play Week here at Nature Crew.
Contact us to book to in a trial and see the Nature Crew experience for yourself!

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