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Virtual wombats

Girl with Autumn Leaf

I will teach you in a room.
I will teach you now on zoom.
I will teach you in your house.
I will teach you with a mouse.
I will teach you here and there.
I will teach you because I care.

So just do your very best.
And do not worry about the rest.


Virtual wombats is an early childhood literacy and nature play program. It is a combined effort of Nature Crew and Little Big Learners. At Nature Crew, we love to teach children about nature and sustainability. The knowledge of nature is focused on but not limited to Australian flora and fauna. At Little Big Learners, we love to get children ready for school by assisting them with literacy and numeracy.


By combining both these concepts together, we bring you an online program that is a perfect mix of nature play, literacy, numeracy, mindfulness, yoga, sustainability and lots of arts, crafts and cooking. This program will run 5 days a week, for 8 weeks in Term 2. Term 2 starts on the 14th of April and ends on the 5th of June 2020.


What to expect:

This is an early childhood program that covers all areas of development and learning. We will have new videos, games, worksheets and yoga routines posted every day of the week.

Every weekday your child will have a brand new video with a different facilitator who will teach new numbers, letters, yoga, crafts and artwork. The videos are very interactive and you can play them at any time of the day that suits you best.


Monday: Literacy time with Charla: Charla will introduce kids to letter and word of the day followed by a fun craft activity.

Tuesday: Yoga and storytime: We will take you around the world through yoga exercises and stories.

Wednesday: Nature play with Ifra: Ifra will talk about seasons, plants, animals and all things nature; followed by a nature craft and nature hunt task for the week.

Thursday: Numeracy time with Charla: Charla will teach you all the numbers and play some fun games with you.

Friday: Cooking with Sara and painting with Ifra: Ifra will teach you how to paint your favourite creatures and Sara (5 years old) will teach kids how to cook her favourite snacks and treats.


For only $3.70/day you will get printable worksheets a week earlier so that you can prepare for the week in advance. We can also deliver printed copies for the whole term to your doorsteps if you don’t have a printer at an extra cost. Queries can be emailed to

Once you make a payment you will be added to a Whatsapp group where you will get your membership code and a lot of support. 

Virtual Wombats Term 2 (5 days a week) $200: 

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