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Hi, my name is Ifra!

I am passionate about two things in life; one is nature and the other is early childhood education. I started Nature Crew in 2018 and Little Big Learners in 2019 with my humble team of Early childhood educators and teachers to provide alternative education options for my two homeschooled girls and other homeschooling families in the area. Never did I know that in a few years time, both these businesses will become so big that we will be running our sessions across Melbourne.


In these three years we have had the honour to be interviewed by Channel 9 and Channel 31, run a nature festival with Hume City Council and offer numerous opportunities for children and families to explore and learn about Nature through Nature Crew and to get ready for school by focussing on numeracy and literacy skills through our indoor sessions at Little Big Learners.


I started Nature Crew because there were no such playgroups in the area at that time for my girls to attend. Being a Microbiologist, I knew that without exposure to some of the microorganisms found in nature and mud, my children would miss out on building a stronger, more robust immunity to sickness. I also knew that educating children and families about their natural environment is a necessity in today's day and age and there was no better way to give back to the world, the knowledge and passion that I had in me. Honestly, it has been a win-win situation. My kids made some lifelong friends and got to work in the most beautiful office that has no walls or doors. 

Little Big Learners came a year later. I started that as a trial at the request of other families who were attending Nature Crew at that time. We wanted to give our children the best of both worlds. A well balanced educational approach that covers the knowledge of the natural world, offers opportunities for exploration and adventure and also supports children with their social and emotional health and strengthens their numeracy and literacy skills.

I am often juggling many things at one time and that's why I can sometimes take 1-2 days to get back to your messages. I am thankful to all of you who wait patiently for the replies. I am beyond blessed to have the support of so many of you. 

I really hope you find these programs useful and I can't wait to meet you outdoors on our wild adventures or indoors supporting our little learners.

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