At Nature Crew, we believe that child led play in nature is not a luxury but a necessity for the healthy growth of mind and body.

Our experienced facilitators ensure that children are encouraged to explore and discover their natural environment in a manner that emphasizes on taking calculated risks, flourish creativity and motor skills, and help to instil a feeling of belonging to the natural environment around them.


We are passionate about giving children all the tools they need to become more healthy, compassionate and responsible adults who not only have the skills to survive in nature, but also to protect and conserve it.

We would love to have you all join us as a part of our crew to get back to our roots and normalize the nature play. In a world full of apps, snaps, clicks and likes, lets raise some sprouts, buds, bugs and mites!


We are two mums who are passionate about early childhood education and nature based play. Let's introduce ourselves a little better...


Hi there! I'm a mother to three energetic children, and like you, family time is super important to me. I am a qualified, dedicated and passionate Early Childhood Educator and have over 15 years experience in the Children’s Services Industry.  I have also worked many years in the Community Services sector as a Youth Worker.  I have worked closely with children across multiple platforms including a primary school setting, child care centres and kinder groups in which I have assisted children to become school ready.  I understand this is best achieved in a holistic manner and in order to do so we must cater to children’s individual needs across all areas of childhood development, with plenty of child-led play and exploration!  I later took this passion and went on to teach the Diploma of Early Childhood Education  and Care as a Trainer and Assessor with various RTO’s.  

I look forward to meeting you all and our future generation of adventurers!


Hi, my name is Ifra. I am a mum who has a strong passion for outdoor adventures and everything nature.

I am a graduate in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and a Postgraduate in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics; which makes me see all things in nature with a scientific perspective. I have also worked in a primary school setting which has provided me with extensive skill set to engage with children at primary level.

I love puppetry, storytelling in an interactive fashion and making songs about everything and anything is my hobby. My other interests include gardening, learning about behavior of birds, animals, and how the natural world works. I plan to share all these interests of mine with our Nature Crew and hope to build a community of responsible children who not only utilize the natural resources for their well being, but also understand the value of nature and protect it.

I can't wait to see you all and add the colours of nature in the childhood of our little ones!