Nature Crew Playgroups are predominantly run outdoors, connecting children to the natural environment and their local community.  Our facilitators will run activities that are designed to encourage learning through all areas of early childhood development through nature play. 


  1. Parents/ Guardians are responsible to provide appropriate clothing and closed toe footwear.  They should ensure children are dressed according to weather conditions and keeping in mind that the child will be exposed to mud, water or paint at different occasions. 

  2. Children should be dressed according to Sun Smart guidelines (sunscreen, hat, t shirt etc).

  3. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing snacks and water bottles for their own children.

  4. Bush playgroup nature hunts involve walks on uneven ground, over large rocks or running water.  With this, parents must understand that there is a level of risk associated with the activities and should only participate if they themselves or their children are capable of such activity. 

  5. By enrolling your child/ren to Nature Crew, parents/guardians agree and understand that they are responsible for the safety and well being of their child/ren during the entire duration of our playgroup sessions.

  6. Our facilitators will guide you about snake and general bush safety tips at the start of the term but by enrolling your child/ren you assume all responsibility in the event of (not limited to): falls, cuts, bruises, snake or insect bites or serious injury. 

  7. In the event of any medical attention or costs, the parents/guardians are responsible for covering these costs (e.g., ambulance charges).

  8. By enrolling your child, parents/guardians understand and accept that in extreme weather conditions, Nature Crew may change the venue or date of the playgroup for that particular session. We may move the playgroup to an indoor facility nearby for that day. Parents/guardians will be informed of change of venue via whatsapp group message.

  9. If however, we have to postpone the session due to extreme weather, we will move it to same day of the week during school holidays. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to attend the rescheduled session. Refunds will not be issued if the child/ren are unable to attend the makeup session.

  10. In the event that we need to cancel a session, parents/guardians will be offered a refund for that session. Refunds will only be issued if a session is cancelled by Nature Crew.

  11. Nature Crew staff have the right to cancel a child’s enrolment if the parent/child are unwilling to follow Nature Crew terms and conditions. This includes destructive or reckless behaviour. In this case Nature Crew will refund the remainder of the term fees (if any).

  12. No person is permitted to attend the playgroup without a child or for observation purposes.

  13. You are also not permitted to attend the playgroup without prior submission of enrolment form and fees for the day or term in full. Failure to do so will authorize Nature Crew facilitator to ask you to leave.

  14. Parent involvement is a critical part of playgroup and you are responsible to help your child with different tasks and activities. 

  15. No refunds will be issued if parents fail to attend the playgroup session due to sickness or other commitments after the fees has been submitted.

  16. Siblings under 14 months of age are welcome to attend playgroup for free.

  17. In case of child being really sick and having a contagious sickness, Nature Crew facilitators have the authority to request the parent to take the child home in order to keep other children safe. No refund will be offered in such circumstances.

  18. Nature Crew Playgroups organize all the activities keeping our allergy children in mind. If however, you haven't disclosed the allergies to Nature Crew on the enrolment form then Nature Crew is not responsible if your child is not able to take part in that activity or any reaction to that allergen. 

  19. Other parents are obliged to follow the rules regarding allergies. If Nature Crew staff informs the parents/guardians to avoid a certain allergen in the form of food, it's their responsibility to adhere to that rule. Failure to do so might result in an action taken against the parent/ guardian in order to protect the child with allergies.  

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