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An invoice will be supplied upon booking and a 50% deposit must be paid via bank transfer to secure your party booking. The remainder must be paid 7 days prior to the event. Failure to receive a payment in time makes the booking invalid.


Travel fees will apply for venues further than 30mins from Airport West



If you need to cancel the event, cancellation must be made minimum 14 days prior to the event in order to get a full refund. There is no refund for cancellations made on the day of the party.



Nature Crew or their entertainers are not responsible for any loss, damages or injury that occur during an event.



In case of an outdoor venue, it is the responsibility of the host to provide a shaded space in case of excessive heat, rain or any other weather change. Failure to do so can result in the entertainer not being able to carry on the activities for the event.



Parents are required to stay at the Party and supervise their children at all times. The wellbeing of children and guests attending your function is the responsibility of the Hirer and parents/adults of children attending the function. We do not take responsibility for a guest's wellbeing.


In case of an outdoor event, participants are required to wear sun safe clothing such as a t-shirt or polo shirt, shorts or long pants and closed shoes with socks. A full brim hat is essential. As the participants might get dirty, wet and muddy, it is suggested to bring a backpack with 1-2 sets of spare clothes, a spare pair of shoes, a towel and plastic bags for wet clothes.

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